stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


so. my parentals have arrived, yes.

mostly, my mom can drink a homeless person under a bridge and my stepdad can school any single one of you on the nuances of hefeweizen.


none of the above items makes ANYONE moulin rouge-proof.

so i sit here, with aaron and eddie roaming in and out of the room, watching THE BEST MUSICAL EVER MADE while everyone else is "otherwise occupied."


i NEED TO KNOW that there are others out there that LOVE MOULIN ROUGE AS MUCH AS MOI.

because, OMG I DIE each time i watch this movie.



Stephanie said...

LOVE Moulin Rouge. LOVE IT. I didn't see it until like a million years after it came out, but I LOVE IT.

mnbird said...

I also love Moulin Rouge.

Anonymous said...

I like Moulin Rouge

Liana said...

Of course! One of my favorites! Now along side of Across the Universe!!!

Pretty Lush said...

because it's WONDERFUL.