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doin' it

  • i'm very very very glad the blog challenge has ended. you can't really appreciate the pressure of blogging every day for an entire month unless, well, you've done it. so for those of us who did it: CONGRATS! and for those who haven't? or for those who somehow pussed out along the way? well, um, suck it!

  • i'm in the middle of a week-long rally which has so far involved: watching football with the guys at pink taco, comedy night at comedy union, an evening with southern folk and inappropriate jokes about Spotted Dick and a wedding overlooking laguna beach.

  • in the next few days i will: attend a premiere i am very excited about, go to my company holiday party and then? send my husband off to minnesota sans-a-moi.

  • then? i will be left to my own devices for an ENTIRE WEEKEND and i am guessing? insanity will ensue. or? i will finally clean out the stupid damn closet i've been threatening to clean out for, like, a few years.

  • probably not.

  • MORE likely? i will dress my dog in a dress and we will have a tea party.



Pretty Lush said...

It takes more discipline to blog every day!

Stephanie said...

If you dress your dog up and have a tea party, will you post pictures? Hehe. Or better yet, can I come?

The Angry Georgian said...

I found it's not really that hard to blog every day. Look at my November archive.
I agree with Stephanie. You have to post pictures. If you have matching dresses, you'll gain another notch on my cool-o-meter.