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zab judah!!!!

after i told eddie about the Official Birthday Shenanigans '08 Itinerary, he raised an eyebrow and said,

"Really, Ruby? 12 hours of birthday activities?"

"12 hours!?"

"well yeah, 4p to 4a, yeah?"

"well, actually eddie, if we're starting at 4p, it's probably only going to be 8 hours, you see. I can't imagine i'll make it past midnight at that rate!"

"i guess we'll see"

"INDEED, we shall!"

cut to me at 3:30 am sunday morning thinking, wow, did i really just drink for nearly TWELVE HOURS? i'm awesomezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

to recap, the evening started out around 4ish with a wine tasting situation at Mel & Rose wherein we sampled wines from the Zaca Mesa Winery. not surprisingly, i favored the chardonnay the most. however, i will say that the viognier was also quite lovely and danced quite nicely all over my tastebuds. after satisfactorily acquiring wine buzzes, our lovely little group of ten walked down melrose to get our FATTY HOUR on at fat fish

we picked up a few more for our party here, where we indulged in my favoritest favorite foods that i can NEVER GET ENOUGH of and i also posed for pictures like that <---

Q: how awesome is my hair in that pic?
A: super.

after that it was on to our final destination, the belmont. again, we walked. totally unheard of in LA, right? but it was an AWESOME night, really warm. just breezy enough. ahhhhh yes.

so we arrived at the belmont and eddie maneuevered and finagled us a giant patio table where we ended up staying all night, even though technically, the manager thought they'd have to move us inside.

but you know what? we were just too awesome for that.

we picked up still more party people at the belmont, and soon we outgrew our giant table and just basically took over the patio. highlights of this portion of the evening included a "vodka taste test" that involved over 20 shots of vodka and resulted in one SUPER BUZZED giant patio table of hooligans. in this pic, i ponder the nuances of this vodka shot, which appears to be almost as big as my head.

survey says? DELICIOUS. i'll have another.

eventually, the clock rounded 1ish? 2ish? and eddie helped zab judah get in (for some reason the bouncer did NOT RECOGNIZE HIM!!) neither did i, but apparently he can KICK YOUR ASS SILLY. but he was actually quite lovely, and luckily, i didn't offer to "box" him.

but shortly after that, we decided it was time to start the good walk home. we ended up at my brother-in-law's house (since it was the closest) and finished up the night with chocolate squares of heaven and, you guessed it, more vodka tastes.


good times.

i woke up painfully early on sunday and detoxed by running 10 miles, if you can believe that.

all-in-all, FUN STUFF SQUARED.

happy effing birthday.


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Pretty Lush said...

damn, you heathens with your vodka and your chocolate. shenanigans!