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hi! *piss, boom, flush*

i overheard this conversation in the restroom stall next to me earlier today, while i was, you know, PEEING.

"oh yeah i just called to say hi, and see how you were doing."

do you think that call could have waited until after you left the restroom?

LADY, seriously.


** update **

i just had a convo with T about this subject and have more to add. so NOT ONLY is it bad form to talk on the phone in a restroom because you are being inconsiderate to the other person(s) in the restroom, it is ALSO SUPER RUDE to the person on the phone.

really, YOU? does that person REALLY want to hear flushing and pee and assorted other noises whilst conversating with you? do they REALLY want to have a visual of you on the el toilette? i doubt it. i mean, COME ON.

OH! unless they are super freaky. then! that's pretty nice of you to talk on your phone to them while doing the business. super bold, super awesome move by YOU, restroom cell phone talker. kudos.

"dude! you should totally see what i just googled while simultaneously talking to you on the phone and dropping a deuce!!"

6 comments: said...

That's disgusting! I don't even do that shit @ home!

Btw, good to see you posting again, Ms. Rubiq... wait, you need a new nickname from me... Ms. MehMeh, perhaps?

T said...

Ruby said deuce.


MD said...

HA! My ex used to talk to me on the toilet all the time. We'd be chatting and then I'd notice the echo ...

I kept begging her to stop doing that to me to no avail.

Stephanie said...

So is it bad that my boyfriend has occasionally texted me while in the bathroom at work?

Still Born said...

If I'm at home and I'm already on the phone, I just take it in with me and tell whomever I'm talking to 'I'm gonna pee'.

Also I always bring my laptop in the bathroom with me. That's why wireless was invented.

rockinraquel said...

one of troy's many yummy habits...ew