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it's friday night, 11:50pm. aaron, eddie and i are watching STAR TREK episodes from the late 60s for "research purposes." it's surreal. so surreal, that i am, in fact, retreating to my laptop to connect back to the "real world."

sylar is going to make a good spock, i think.

last night we went to Room 5's WHITE BOY COMEDY night to see a friend perform. normally, my experience with comedians is that for every 1 good comedian i see, i see at least 4 bad ones. for those playing along at home, that's a 20% success rate. LAST NIGHT, i saw 15 comedians. i would have to say that 5 of them made me laugh so hard i had tears in mine eyes. 30% success rate! i say, awesome town.

one comedian was, in fact, a lesbian. at one point during her set, she was like "i don't want to have babies. anyone with me on that" aaron and i immediately hooted and hollered and were like YEAH! NO BABIES! when suddenly we realized we might have been a little too gregarious as everyone turned to look at us.



adding camus to our familia has, once again, reminded me how UNREADY i am to be a mom. it totally DOES NOT STOP PEOPLE from CONSTANTLY asking when i'm going to have kids.


babies? not for me.

wine? for me.

any questions?

moving along.

3/15: my friend heather announced her engagement (totally YAY!)
3/26: she announces that THE DATE IS SET
9/6: is the date

how awesomely efficient is she? i have to say, i could not be more excited. in the last five months, two of my favorite bestest friends have announced engagements. aaron and i will finally have more than one married couple to hang out with. PURE EXCITEMENT.

tomorrow is the engagement party. whoop whoop. champagne and diamonds = awesome town.

after the comedy shenans last night, we headed out to grab a few frosty beverages. we settled on the belmont, since lately, that seems to be the joint of joints. lo and behold, we saw a random cast of familiar characters, but i also noticed a high penetration of douchebags.

gotsta love the hollywood peeps.

my new favorite phrase is EPIC FAIL. tonight i tried to use it in several situations, "trial and error," if you will.

i think my favorite use of it so far has been on my assortment of bad jokes. i'm getting used to being the EPIC FAIL when it comes to JOKES I THINK ARE FUNNY.

finally, i am totally addicted to ATTACK OF THE SHOW on G4. smart, funny, geeky and laced with a plethora of totally wrong innuendos, this is the SHOW FOR ME. i can't believe i watch it EVERY SINGLE DAY. but then again? i can.


star trek: 1
g4: 1
sylar: 1

if you can find more, by all means, please call me out.

brought to you by two bottles of wine, one box of raisinets and a severe case of THE DORKS.


c-kat said...

We watch attack of the show too!

MD said...

I LOVE AOTS! But I'd have to pay another 20 bucks a month to get it on my hillbilly cable, so I've been without for awhile.