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shaking off the cobwebs.

man. being sick is NOT "for me." that was, like, 168 hours of my life i will never get back. seven days spent in a foggy fog of sleepy obliviousness. one whole week of negative productivity and feeling like a colossal waste of space. that was the mehiest meh of all meh. mehhhhhh.

to be fair. on saturday when i was "starting to feel better" i decided to walk four miles on the treadmill and ride four miles on el stationary bike. as soon as i was done i thought to myself, "self, we might not have been ready for that. yet."

then, i talked myself into rallying myself for an early dinner at fat fish where i envisioned myself sipping on some miso, hot sake, green tea and maybe, just maybe "taking it easy" on my poor flu-ravished body and mind.

but nah. dinner turned into two bottles of wine among three of us. and there was no tea. no miso soup. and the hot sake? mostly was chilled white wine action.

then! back at home, we decided to break into another bottle of wine. and another. then we found ourselves at at the four seasons where our friend was staying and drinking... vodka soda? CHECK! champagne? CHECK! amaretto - neat? CHECK!!!!!

who the hell do i think i am??

and suddenly, we were ordering random appeteasers off the ridiculously over-priced menu to soak up all the alcohols. and suddenly? it was nearly 3am. and i was like, oh shit, i think i still have the stupid FLUUUUU.

so it was SHOCKING when i woke up sunday morning feeling like i had been run over by a bright yellow hummer (i don't know, it sounds hideous) and could NOT GET OFF THE STUPID COUCH. it was even more SHOCKING that i think (i lost count) i might have watched 8 BILLION episodes of WHAT NOT TO WEAR. i also might have dozed off during one of those episodes and promptly dreamt about what they would say to me when i went on the show.

oh my sweet baby jesus.


who do i think i am?


i slept it off on sunday, felt better on monday, and then OMG i went BACK to the gym on tuesday. and it was awesome. and today??? TODAY I FEEL FINE! ohhhh yes. i'm back to nrml.

whatever nrml is.


The Angry Georgian said...

Glad yer better. I caught it in Vegas and it turned into new-moneah!

c-kat said...

Glad you're feeling better.