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some hooligans decorated my office

flowers & checkered gift from aaron

in the box

from the doggs-
a victoria's secret gift certificate
not weird AT ALL!

notice the little drawing on the left, by cosette
(it says "him" and has an arrow pointing to a drawing of camus)

dinner was delicious wine & savory tapas at tasca

dessert was so much yum that MY FACE HURT
from smiling through the sugar!

aaron also bought me

and a 90-minute this

scheduled for sunday, post big birthday bash!

then, we watched an AMAZING episode of


wherein i promptly did a dance in my chair, i was so excited about the BIG TWIST

shortly thereafter, i passed out in a wine-induced buzz

in the massage chair with this thing

awesome town awesomeness.
next up:
happy hour with co-workers tomorrow
wine tasting, sushi and drinks in hollywood with the crew on saturday
massage on sunday

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The Angry Georgian said...

I want to see Hollywood.