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aaron & have been dog/housesitting for my brother & sister -in-law for the past, ohhh, 11 days or so. so if you do the math, that means that we've been responsible for FOUR animals and TWO houses. add to that an easter celebration wherein aaron and i were the hosts for about 10 people (normally the BIL & SIL are in charge of that) and then add on TOP of that 18 million birthday celebrations this month and you've got yourselves some verrrrry exhausted people.

but its been fun. no, really. besides that little stint where i got the FLU, life has been good.

operation: summer body is now in full force. in the past 7 days i've been at the gym five days. i ran 10 miles last friday and 8 miles on sunday, so my running endurance has also returned. i'm contemplating signing up for a boot camp, but my other option is to increase the days a week i go to cardio sculpt class which is actually - wait for it - decreasing my body fat %. hellz yeah. at this rate i will be in maximum bikini shape by the beginning of may. or, you know, at least in better shape. a shape other than rotund, if you will.

that should give me plenty of time to plan a vacation for early may to show off my newly less rotund shape.

i just need to figure out some wheres whens and whys.

and off i go.


T said...

1. You are not rotund.


2. You rocketh! You are such awesomeness! said...

I won't have my summer body back until, oh, let's just say, um, around the very last day of November 2012! That sucks because if you believe what Oracle's say about the world ending two weeks later, I won't have any time to show off my body.

Anyway, add a few more crunches to your workout and think of me. :) ;)

Stephanie said...

I'm giving you a high five right now for your running! I need to amp up my training. The farthest I run on a regular basis is 5 miles. Good job!