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another year older.

so much has been going on in ye olde life of ruby lately, i don't even know where to begin. the addition of a puppy plus a steady flow of visitors to town has combined to make my life INSANELY busy. but i have no complaints, ya'll. just doin' the do.

i've still found time to sneak away into the bedroom lair where i catch up on big brother after dark under the guise of cleaning my closet. yet, the closet never seems to organize itself, right. the guilt i feel for being SO DAMN INVOLVED in the lives of these made-for-TV freaks never ceases to grow to the point wherein i decide IT'S TOO MUCH, BRAIN IS ROTTING, MUST STOP WATCHING NOW. no, not yet.

my birthday is tomorrow. i'm scratching at the business end of the MTV demographic, which i still consider to be Persons 12-34. TWO YEARS, friends. and i'm officially too old for music television as we know it. but i'm cool with that, you know. because? i'm a super-sophisticated adult, ya'll.

in addition to feeling more like an adult as of lately, i carefully constructed a tax submission wherein THE BANK IS IN MY FAVOR. i'm getting a refund for the first time in YEARS. i want to thank the following:

1. my ingenuity when it comes to ITEMIZING DEDUCTIONS
2. the fact that aaron can write off anything from GOING TO THE GYM to GETTING HAIRCUTS because it's all in the name of vanity. *ahem* i mean, ACTING.
3. the fact that i finally figured out how to decrease my taxable income while simultaneously increasing my salary. i actually don't know what i am TRULY netting anymore. i would guess it's about 50% of my actual salary. HOWEVER, i'm NOT PAYING IN THIS YEAR! i'm so excited i could pee.


last week we helped aaron's brother entertain a gentleman from the land of kiwi. it involved going out to ALL of my favorite dinner spots, drinking ourselves silly on school nights, making the kiwi say phrases from "flight of the conchords*" and generally, having a good old time. he left sunday night after a whirlwind tour of LA, and i made the threat, nay, promise that i would soon venture to New Zealand so he could repay the favour of our company.


did i mention it's my birthday tomorrow?


*made INFINITELY more enjoyable due to the fact that he is, indeed, friends with Bret and Jemaine. LUCKY!


Maddy said...

Happy birthday tomorrow!

MNBird said...

I hope you have a happy birthday. I am sure it will be a good one.

c-kat said...

Happy Birthday! How are you planning to celebrate? said...

Happy Birthday!