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i can haz?

when liana informed aaron and i that she had already purchased our tickets to lucha vavoom on june 26th (see previous entry), it only took me moments to log into our time & attendance system at work, request the 27th off as one of my 4 "summer fridays" and then pat myself on the back for being so clever.

so clever.

so thursday night was 10 of us at the mexican wrestling event (also featuring mostly naked "ladies") in honor of tal's birthday. it was mostly awesome and probably the most random thing i've ever seen. i wouldn't even know where to begin describing it, so hopefully the pics do the job.

aaron and i rolled in around midnight that evening and sat back and some vino and caught up on SWINGTOWN, which i still can't decide if i actually like it, or if i'm just watching it for the train wreck factor. we relaxed with the knowledge that neither of us had to wake up early the next day, and it was delicious.

friday brought a nice little stint at the gym followed by... what else... MASSAGES! after we turned ourselves into MUSH, we decided to hit up the usual FATTY HOUR at fat fish. yummm. i had a nice little wine buzz as we walked outside around 7ish and it was still blazingly sunny out. so then! we decided... let's go car shopping! hell, why not.

the thing is, actually, that time was of the essence. my car was at 73500 miles and it was just about due for over $4000 in services that frankly, DO NOT WANT TO BUY. but car needed. so instead! we decided to unload the car. but! they said i was upside down in my financing situation. MUTHA F*CKERS! so we walked out of the dealership, well, drove out, in my sad little broked down 2001 audi.

sad. but oh well. went home drank a glass of wine. passed out. game over.

saturday morning brought: 4 mile run followed by intense power sculpt class. sweat dripping, muscles flexing, face growling. followed by shower time and then? applied lip gloss, jumped into high heels and off we went to catch the 2:40p showing of WANTED. but first! afternoon glass of vino and some salad with chinese chicken at the arclight restaurant. sitting pimp-style in the big booth.

I CAN HAZ ANGELINA JOLIE'S SEX APPEAL? DO WANT! man. i loved it so much. i described it this way to anyone who would listen "IT'S LIKE FIGHT CLUB MEETS MATRIX! BUT! ONLY THE BEST PARTS OF FIGHT CLUB! BUT WITH NONE OF THE BAD PARTS OF MATRIX!" during the movie, one whole JUMBO GINORMOUS BOX of junior mints disappeared. later discovered? in our bellies.

after the HIGH OCTANE DELICIOUSNESS that was jolie & mcavoy (loves him), we decided: OKAY. let's go BACK TO AUDI AND MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.

and thusly and therefore, i rolled out of there in a DOLPHIN GREY 2005 audi a4 with XM radio, 6 disc changer, quatro, 1.8 something or other and BOSE sound system. now aaron and i have the following cars:

1. 2005 SILVER audi a4 2.0 quatro

2. 2005 DOLPHIN GRAY audi a4 1.8 quatro

additionally, i now owe AUDI my first born child and $1,000,000 in financing fees. oh well.

so then! to celebrate we headed out to 3rd Stop pub & restaurant and we ate and drank hurrah! we also made friends with the head chef and will come back more, because he was pretty awesome.

the night ended with me sleeping like a baby on the couch while aaron watched SUPER HIGH ME.

AND SO FINALLY. today arrived. with it came (1) 11-mile run AND THEN!

(8) chicken wings in my belly

(2) $4 bloody marys from the bloody mar bar at BIG WANGS

(1) taro-flavored yogurt from snowpod with chopped up mochis on top and

(1) bare burrtio from baja fresh.

so much for burning calories.

there was also target, bevmo and assorted other shenanigans in the mix. but i don't want to bore you... oh wait.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i've gone and bored myself.


3 comments: said...

"taro-flavored yogurt from snowpod with chopped up mochis on top"

I *love* taro (especially the purple variety) and mochi. Okay, I'm gonna be weird and ask that next time you have that, can you take a picture of it? I've never of heard, nor seen such a concoction, so I'd like to see it. I'd appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...chicken wings. I'll have to settle for ribs today.
You already know what I think about the $4,000 so I won't repeat myself. :)

Anonymous said...

This post is no good without pics!!! We want pics of the new ride. -Hai