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i heart you long time, Kay Gee

dear kevin garnett,

CONGRAT-U-EFFING-LATIONS. HOLY CRAP. i'm so proud of you. i love you just like you're my own son. even though technically that's not possible, since i'm only, like two months older than you. but still, i love you like i birthed you myself.
but anyway! sad, i was, when you left the t-wolves. but happy, i was, when you found a home where you could fulfill your destiny. well done, kevin g, well done. last night, you made me cry like a little baby when you ROARED "ANYTHING IS POSSSSSSIBULLLLLLL!" and you made me fall in love with your awesomeness all over again.

in fact, i am now totally willing to forgive the little stabbing incident we had a few years back. my stomach is all healed ....and, indeed, my heart swells with pride.

way to go, no one deserves to be CERTIFIED more than you.

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surviving myself said...

I cried when I watched him after that game.


I love him. Not as in I'd make out with him, as in I'd love to hang out with him.


Maybe I'd make out with him if he let me wear the championship ring.