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harshing my vibe.

saturday night is a private premiere screening of the short film that aaron starred in and eddie produced/directed over the past year. aaron and i haven't seen ANY of it, and apparently it's really good, according to the 9 billion other people who eddie sneak peeked it to.. so, pure excitement for the FIRST SCREENING of it for us.

it will be followed by a lovely little soiree at the belmont cafe with eddie's family and the cast & crew. yay! i loves it.

in other news.. aaron's guest stint as SPYDER on "the cleaner" will air on july 29th on A&E. so mark your tivos! and all that noise!

a lot of really great stuff happened over the 4th of july extended weekend, but it was too lazy to write it all out, so i made like a flowchart of it? i am 100% certifed dork.

so. um. that weekend was fun. a lot of happy hours, a lot of working out, a lot of eating and a lot of pampering.

*i should note that "In Bruges!" means that we WATCHED "In Bruges" for the 2nd time and then spent maaaaybe a few hours watching behind the scenes. holy shitballs, that movie is amazing.

last night i went to a yoga class that i haven't been to yet and the OLD schedule said it started at 7:15p so I thought, hey! I'll go at 6:45 and get a nice little run in before. EXCEPT! the schedule changed on july 1st and so now the class starts at 6:45! so imagine my surprise when I saw all the people with mats rolling into class just as I was jumping on the treadmill. anyway! it worked out well, and instead of the class being 1.0 hours it was 1.25. BAM! and now i'm centered.

there's more to the yoga story, like how one girl arrived 40-odd minutes late and kept texting someone IN THE MIDDLE OF VINYASA sets. but um, no THAT'S NOT TOTALLY RUDE OR ANYTHING. not to mention that she TOTALLY HARSHED MY VIBE by setting up her mat directly between me and the mirror. damnit. how am i supposed to correct my ill-aligned warrior pose with your stupidtextingface in front of my view? HARSHING MY VIBE!!!!!

but oh well.

aaron and i were going to go wine-free for Mon, Tues & Wed so that we could drain out some of the built up wine from the weekend... but... wouldn't you know it. on tuesday night as I settled into the coolest booth at big wangs, i couldn't help but order (2) $6 glasses of vino to wash down my (11) 25 cent wings.

and so it goes.

tonight we will find ourselves at a picnic area outside the hollywood bowl sampling foods from these fine vendors:

Asahi Beer
Bravo Cucina
Bravo Pizzeria
Chakra Indian Cuisine
Cobblestone Vineyards
Coca-Cola, Co.
Dandy Don's (Ice Cream Sundaes)
Evian Water
Full Throttle Energy Drink
Hama Sushi
Hansen's Sparkling Juice Bar
John & Pete's Fine Wine and Spirits
Nestea Products
Neutrogena Corporation
Ocean Avenue Seafood
Primitivo Wine Bistro

and then we will mosey into the bowl and just after the sun sets, we will settle in to listen to:

Symphonie Fantastique by the Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by Bramwell Tovey.

Ahhh summmer.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you. I totally hate gym harshers. I like to look at certain women on the recumbent bikes. They are arranged directly in front of the treadmills, but sideways so you can get a nice side shot of whoever you're ogling. I'll be enjoying myself and all of a sudden someone will sit right in front of the girl I'm staring at and totally harsh my vibe.
A man needs motivation, you know!

mnbird said...

Off topic: Have you seen these two profiles on myspace?

I notice you and Aaron are not even friends with your own family. =P Also, I didn't know Jason had a child that was switched at birth! :o

On topic: Sounds like you had a great weekend. Is it still HOT there? It is hot here in the twin cities today. said...

Whoa! Hama Sushi, I haven't been there in yeeeears. I looked at their menu just now and I don't even think they have what I used to order when I went there. Memories....

c-kat said...

I honestly have no idea how you keep up the schedule you do...must have a superwoman gene. :)