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The Incredible ....

i have a "condition" when i get hot, excited, anxious, embrassed or mad i turn RED. you might call it "getting flush" or "blushing" or you can call it whatever you want. but it's NOT subtle and it's NOT pretty.

i've noticed myself getting the Red Condition when my feathers get a little ruffled lately, and it makes me a little nervous because WHAT IF I WERE TO GET REALLY MAD, not just ruffled-feathers-irriated BUT MAD-MAD! what would happen?!

would my muscles suddenly fill with adrenaline and bust through my shirt sleeves? would my head suddenly become extremely boxy and would my hair shrink into a bowl cut? would my eyes turn an unsavory shade of BLOOD-RED and shoot lasers? would i start saying things like RUBY MAD!

and would people *gasp* starting calling me THE INCREDIBLE RULK!?!?

probably not, but that would actually be pretty awesome.

hahaha. the incredible rulk.

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