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SATC makes me vacillate.

Dear Head Lady of the Lady Club.

i kind of feel like, i have to give up my membership in the Lady Club because I didn't go see the damn sex & the city movie this weekend.

honestly? i was torn. there was a giant group of ladies and gays from work going on friday at 4pm (leaving work early! the madness!) then tenna generously offered to allow me to accompany her & her sister at the 9:50AM showing on saturday morning (!!!?!??!?!??!) with a lovely lunch following. both invitations were SUPREMELY ENTICING. but? for some reason? i couldn't do it. I couldn't participate in the Opening Weekend of the Biggest Chick Flick EVER.

and also? i'm not sure what my big objection was.

was it....

... because i think SJP looks like a foot?

... because i'm just not a Real Lady?

....because i now have an aversion to cosmos (unless they have lychee in them, naturally)?

...because, honestly? i'm just not into cougars???

i don't really KNOW. because the WEIRDEST thing about NOT GOING is that it triggered a severe case of the FOBLOs* and i oft comtemplated just GIVING IN AND GOING ALREADY, because, you know, why not ... anyway.

so instead... i busied myself with a CELTICS VICTORY (KG BABY! AWWWW YEAHHHHH) and a KIMBO SLICE FIGHT (IN YO' FACE MUTHA F*CKERS!) and other such testosterone-filled activites (10-mile run, intense hike, bear wrestling, etc.)

and now? i kind of feel mini-pangs of regrets in my heart-piece.

but then again? i'm kind of glad i spent my $14 that would have contributed to the Lady Club and instead? spent it on an OBEY hoodie at the OBEY WAREHOUSE SALE on saturday afternoon.

yeah, that's my hoodie. i got it for $30 and it retails for $66. 'sup, bitches? (ps that isn't me in the pic, case you dinninnint reco-niz.)

for reals, though? next weekend is going to be this: martini, massage, pedicure, manicure, massage, yoga, martini, chardonnay and ... i will wear nothing but pink. because as much as i might have pissed off the Lady Gods, i definitely still want to be in the Lady Club.
So please, Dear Lady of the Highest Power, just don't make me watch SATC to make it so.

Heels & Martinis Fo-evah,


*FOBLO = fear of being left out.

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T said...

You are part of Ladies who Liquid Lunch. No forgiveness is needed.