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a singsong of meh-y meh.

so anyway. WORK IS KICKING MY ASS. so that's a why i am AWOL so much these dayz. i'm trying to read other blogs, i'm trying to note on them i try i try but slowly inside i DIE from too much time spend on clicky clicking keys and eyes are bloodshot have to take eyedrops so much aaron says i'm addicted to eyedrops but YOU WOULD BE TOO if you stared 11 hours per one day at a computer screen of jumbly white space and black letters YOU WOULD BE TOO if your job required you to bask in the glow of flourescent lighting oh YES i know it's the most efficient and enviro-friendly flouro lighting available but momma don't like. momma wants the soft warm glow of UV rays in her face whilst lying on a sandy beach with frosty beverage at her glamourously tanned and manicured fingertips. but no.

not at this moment. not now. for now is the time to WORK ASSIO OFFIOUS so that in less than one years time, according to higher up Powers That Be! i will be getting the BIG PROMO and ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS in cash money. but i just have to PROVE MYSELF that i can handle it and so therefore, i die in the interim.

meanwhiles, my dry erase board reads "WILL WORK FOR FOOD" and then today tenna bribed me into doing some work items for her with a god damn bag of peanut m&ms. and i ate them ALL. and i did the work items and then i made myself do 10 push-ups and then 10 more push-ups because WHY NOT. why the hell not. people at work think i have The Crazy and then i go and do some yoga moves right in the middle of the hall by the lobby to prove to them that i have a calming sensation of energies. AND ALSO? The Crazy, I Has IT!

in other news, i went to the GROUNDLINGS tonight and watched my friend's adapted version of TEEN WITCH and it was so god damn effing hilarious that i nearly burst my spleen. OH! and the ORIGINAL WITCH was there! holy f*cknuts. ain't that a kick in the pants!?!!

now i am finishing up some worky work items with a low ball glass of the vino at my unpolished, unmanicured fingertips and, is OK. is OK. i know that saturday brings a 60-minute massage and sunday brings a 90-minute one and that, my friends, is why i do the things i do.

oh! pee essss. camus went on his first hike on sunday! aww. the dickens.

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