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ed. note: i was perusing past blogs and journals for april fool's jokes i've done, and came across this from another journal dated 1.16.2006. my brother was in town and, obviously, we know how to party.


The bird bottle opener (BBO, from here on out) just chilling, seems cool enough.

looks innocent enough

I was like aw, you're cute BBO!!

we like each other at first

I even stuck my finger in his mouth to show how much I trusted him. I was a little apprehensive, as you can probably tell.

Ranon thought maybe we should let BBO fly free... he's sweet & kind, you know.

Then, a crazy thing happened. BBO farted, and it smelled horrible. You can tell, because I look like I just smelled a horrible fart stink.

oooo   stinky

So I was like, BBO, you are dead to me. You farted on my table, gross. Double ew.

THEN! BBO attacked!!! I tried to get him off, but Ranon had to help.

So then! BBO attacked Ranon. Holy crap. What an ASSHOLE!

I would write more, but both of us are dead now, due to BBO-inflicted wounds and severe complications resulting therein.

RIP, Ruby & Ranon.


T said...

I say again:


So@24 said...

So, now it's time to answer the question on everyone's mind... where's the bird?

rockinraquel said...

oh my goodness! it's "the crow"!!! i am so amazed that he still has that crazy monster! now "the crow" is on the loose and who knows what will happen next???? aaahhhhh!