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the hour of happy.

i don't want to brag, but aaron and i are pretty much the Most Awesome when it comes to finding the best happy hour(s). so it comes as no surprise that we found yet Another best happy hour place recently.

but the whole journey has been a long ....and quite sordid one.

at first, i liked the place. but then? i hated. and then i hated again. spotty service, missing items from the menu, lackluster ambience, etc. etc. but yet? it was less than a block away! so we HAD TO HAVE FAITH that this place would eventually figure itself out.

but yet? i wanted to Hate. because, it was much easier to Hate and Set Low Expectations that to think we could actually have a super cool happy hour place this close to home.

so Friday. we went. the menu had EVOLVED. there was an actual Ambience. the servers were Much Better. and they had ALL THE DRINKS THEY ADVERTISED ON THE MENU. a huge, but subtle detail. or a subtle but HUGE detail.

at any rate.

we went back tonight, because friday was SO AWESOME. and it was EVEN BETTER.

we met the owner(s), exchanged pleasantries, got free drinks due to our undeniable charm, and ate some of the best food Ever. we even convinced the Owner(s) to create a chicken-wing-eating-contest and signed ourselves and (several of) our friends up for the first official contest.

to that i say: ruby and aaron? well done, madam and sir, WELL DONE!

and in case you live in the area and want a new place to get cheap (delicious) drinks - LYCHEE COSMO, anyone? and also? yumalicious food?

go here.

and. SCENE.

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Pretty Lush said...

A good dive/happy hour is like a precious gem.