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NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo. ok, yes.

at 5am the alarm went off and scared the ever-living sH*t out of me. i sighed as i rolled over and painfully opened my eyes to see what aaron was going to do. please don't wake up please don't wake up please don't wake up.

and yes, of course, by the time my eyes were able to grasp objects in the dark around me, i realized he was UP, and he meant it. HONEY? he questioned tentatively DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE GYM WITH ME? i sighed again and replied curtly "NO." OK. and he went back to his business. at that moment, i realized that there were CLOTHES IN THE WASHER that need to GO IN THE DRYER. and within seconds i was AWAKE. and in the same thought, i realized that YES, YES I WAS GOING TO GO TO THE GYM.


So, now, it's 10am. I've been up for 5 hours (I normally wake up at MAYBE 7:30a) and i have eight miles logged on the treadmill. i should feel awesome, right?

nope. just f*cking exhausted, is all.

the good news? i'm jumping on a red eye tonight and should sleep like a baby (with the help of some delicious airplane wine!).

in other good news... the reason aaron was up so early was because he had a call time of 8:30am on the set of a new A&E show that he is doing a little stint on. i got a text at 8:37am with the message that his TRAILER IS HUGE! so that's good. stay tuned for more on this.... when i wake up.


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rockinraquel said...

you're such a good girl! way to work out! :)
go aaron! yay!