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monkey see.

so we moved into our new (and hopefully) final office space on monday. i feel pretty settled in, even if there is still residual construction happening all around us and there are construction workers up in this piece on a daily basis. whatevs, it's still 10000000% better than where we were previously.

here is my new office:

and my view:

and directly across the hall from me sits my sr. analyst, who we now call The Facility.*

this is an odd set-up.

1. when i look across the hall, i first see a reflection of myself in my own glass window. then i see a reflection of myself and my office in the glass of HIS window. then, somewhere past my double reflections, i can kind of make out The Facility in his office, working dililgently away. conversely, he has NO reflections because he does not have a window behind him (see, that's how i wield my power: NO WINDOW FOR YOU!). therefore, he can see me PLAIN AS DAY. or in "MY FULL GLORY, IN LIVING COLOR" as he likes to say. damn you Facility, damn you.

2. we are located right next to the reception area and next to everyone's favorite conference room, THE FISHBOWL (every office has a fishbowl, right? i heart fishbowls) and THE BIG BOARDROOM. translation: HIGH TRAFFIC AREA. which means we get a lot of people coming by and, because we are behind giant glass windows, people feel the need to GAWK? OGLE? OBSERVE OFFICE WORKERS IN THEIR NATURAL HABITATS? i don't know. but we feel kinda like this:

Ruby: i feel like we are animals in a zoo
Ruby: everyone walks by looking curiously at us
The Facility: Everyone's looking at us - Fenty tapped on the glass at me and I went crazy
Ruby: i want to make monkey noises

And trust me, i have made A LOT of monkey/gorilla noises in the past few days. because, hey, why not? the best is when one of the "gawkers" turns out to be the CEO of your company, visiting from NY. and you make some subtle monkey noises as he walks by. and then someone points out that hey, that was the CEO. and then you were all, OHHHH so that's why he looked so familiar.

oooo oooooooo oooooooo ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

*long story, but basically one of our consultants thought his name was the name of a focus group facility we are using and got very confused and later sent a note saying, "sorry for the mixup! i thought [name redacted] was a facility! his name sounds so official!" which makes no sense, but calling him The Facility is pretty awesome.


Still Born said...

Also, The Facility can look across the hall and see right up your skirt cuz there ain't no front on that desk, miss. KEEP EM CLOSED.

T said...

I heart facility.

MD said...

At least you didn't throw poo...right?

~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL! That is awesome.

Just popped over from TSB! =)