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anything but routine.

now and again, patterns emerge in my routine. this is actually atypical as much as most people would think routines to be typical.

this is like, maybe the the third friday night in a row where i am sitting with my boys (aaron, eddie and camus) and my one bitch (cosette), drinking wine, eating some sort of random sweet item (tonight? sesame honey almonds, i know, the hell??) and watching some sort of super weird movie.

week 1. star trek episodes from the 60s (um. the hell)

week 2. the mist (mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

week 3. the king of kong (!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?.!?!?!)

guys. seriously. this HAS GOT TO STOP. i can totally handle the KING OF KONG on a monday night. but friday? no. NO.

but secretly? friday night is the night where i loooove to do "nothing." maybe? king of kong is "nothing" to me.

tonight, however, i decided to end my workday with a 7-mile run. this means i have energy to do something other than mindlessly veg out to nerdy movies. or i should say i HAD energy. but once i had the vino, i turned to mush.

but secretly? i can't wait to wake up early tomorrow, go to my sculpt class, run 4 miles and then get massaged.

the only way THAT tomorrow can happen is if THIS tonight happens.

and so it goes.

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