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i'm a mommy! again!

aaron's been on a serious mission.


he's been pouring over puppy-for-sale ads and scouring rescue sites in search of The Perfect Frenchie. we've always had AMAZING dogs, so the search for a new one is always an exercise in EXTREME PICKINESS.

so anyway, i've been sort of on the fence about wanting a new puppers. a) it's a LOT of work training a new dog b) frenchies are ex$$pensive! c) responsibility? me? how am i supposed to fulfill my Vino Extraordinairre role with Responsibility on my plate?

well, if there is a bright side to the writer's strike, it's that aaron has a lot more free time. this is also a downside of the writer's strike. aaron hates when he's not Crazy Busy. so his solution? train a puppy! occupies a lot of time! eliminates boredom!

his search has led him down a few paths... some dogs were perfect, but SOLD by the time he got to them, some were "perfect on paper" until he actually met them and so on. so... a few days ago, he sent me the following pics:

and i think i speak for us both when i say WE JUST KNEW this guy was The One. a few days later, i asked how "negotiations" were going and aaron "sadly" informed me that this little guy had been sold. i was like awww, dang. i really thought he was The One.

cut to last night. i got home earlier than aaron and was settling in to watch The Soup while i waited for him to get home. when he did, he hung out in the kitchen for a few moments and asked if i wanted anything. i was like noooo i'm fine. and he kept asking questions. so i took a break from staring at joel mchale to see what his "deal" was.

that's when i saw the face you see above staring back at me from the corner of the kitchen.

SQUEEEEEE! you got the pupppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so it went.

and in case you are wondering... his name is Camus (Ka-Mew) and he is incredibly PRECIOUS.

introducing, Camus... with his big sister, Cosette. aw.


MNBird said...

So cute. Congrats on the new arrival to your family.

MD said...

Congratulations mum!

MD said...

How's Cosette dealing with the new bro?

rockinraquel said...

awww! give camus and hug for me! said...


Stephanie said...

It should be illegal to post such freaking adorable pictures on your blog, because I WANT A DOG.

Maddy said...

Yay! I watched the Puppy Bowl last night, I want a gaggle of puppies. Camus is adorable.

wearingthepants said...

Super cute!!!