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in a word.


it's been about 7 years since i had my last "puppy" experience. i TOTALLY forgot how ridiculously exhausting it can be. i "worked from home" yesterday to help get the little guy used to the house (aaron had to shoot a short film all day.. verrrry convenient). aaron also thought it would be good for me to bond with the little guy alone, since the little guy is all up in his grill piece.

so i did that. i thought it would be this:

  • lying around in my pajamas

  • leisurely checking email

  • replying to email

  • watching soaps ?

  • eating bonbons

  • petting the puppy

  • occasionally letting him out

it was actually this:

  • lying around in my pajamas (not enough Time To Shower)

  • feverishly checking email

  • replying to email, but actually having to do mass quantities of work as well ( (i worked from 8A to 7P, which is a lot different from my normal 9:30A to 6P workday)

  • no soaps

  • no bonbons (but some leftover chicken wings from superbowl party! YAYYYYYY!)

  • lots of petting the puppy, but also? chasing the puppy! making sure he was chewing on his BONE rather than EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE HOUSE! getting "accidentally" BITTEN by the puppy when he mistook my thumb for his BONE! breaking up cosette and camus when they got too close to each other's food!

  • letting him out approximately 1,000,893 times. and cleaning up at least two accidents.


so much for my leisurely bonding day. instead? SUPER INTENSE BUSY STRESSFUL BONDING DAY.

but by the time aaron got home, i had camus next to me on the couch, asleep, snoring like a kitten (?)



c-kat said...

It has been 8.5 years since ours was a puppy but I still remember those days well. Getting up at 4 am to let her out to pee, finding my clothes chewed. Once I even found her in the shower eating a bar of soap. It is very good parent training!!

Is cosette getting along well with camus other than the whole food thing or is she being very territorial?

Good luck! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun.

ruby said...

they are getting along better than can be expected, definitely. but cosette is such a little bitch, that it's been hard for her. poor wittle princess. overall i think she's happy to have a new friend that looks JUST LIKE HER, only different colors.

not that she's racist or anything.

T said...

I want



rockinraquel said...

kitty used to snore a li'l bit (heh)