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a pleaseant surprise.

sprawled out on the couch, i was. chillin, to the max.

thoughts of going "out" to happy hour on this lovely sunday evening before president's day off danced in my head. but some of me, just wanted to chill. but aaron was persistent. not normal, for him.

around 4-ish, a knock at the door. a shadow-y figure through the small glass window that separates the outside world from my cozy, inside one. i looked at aaron, questioningly. were YOU expecting someone?

the door opens! someone walks in, it looks like a lady-figure.

and then? i realize it's one of my favorite high school friends - teresa p.. formerly known as PETEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

and at that moment it makes SO. MUCH. SENSE.

One FATTY HOUR at Fat Fish and approximately six hours and SIX BOTTLES of wine later, she and her midwestern friend, bid adieu. they do. and i? am buzzed. time to eat something of substance.

man i love surprises, like this. aaron's a damn good actor to keep so many good secrets from me, on a regular basis.

i think, i'm lucky.

i know? i am.

apparently, i lose the ability to open my eyes after 6 bottles o' wine. hott.


Pretty Lush said...

oooh, how exciting!!

Still Born said...

i want to smoosh your face!