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traveling meh.

i knew i was in for an "interesting" day when i realized i was washing my face with hair conditioner. oh well, i guess i wanted my face to be as shiny and sleek as my hair. (i swear i wasn't drunk this morning! or was i?)

shortly before that, i arrived home from the gym to find a tan nissan murano blocking my driveway with no driver in sight.* oh well, i wanted to park in the street, anyway.

i printed out my boarding pass after confirming that my flight was, indeed, on time. i then made it to the airport in record time only to discover my flight was delayed by 72 minutes. of course! oh well, i wanted to sit on my laptop with skinny dolce cinnamon latte in my hand, for an extra hour or so.

i guess this means i won't be arriving at jfk until 8:30p, so i hope i can still make my 9p dinner reservation in soho....

...yeah, i won't hold my breath.

and back to people-watching and latte-sipping i go.

doodly doo.

*aaron just called to inform me he had to have it towed so he could exit! sounds like someone had a nice drunken morning! and will no doubt have a rude awakening when they go to leave and CANT FIND THEIR CAR. oops.


MD said...

have a safe trip! It's windy out here in the East

Pretty Lush said...

Haha, suckas. (Oh it's sad that I actually think that's funny. But inconsiderate people need to learn!)