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happy heart day.

yesterday i saw a press screening of a movie/documentary called young @ heart which was, quite possibly, one of the most special and moving movies i've ever seen.

basically, it's about a bunch of old people singing. i know! it sounds AMAZING, right? but honestly, there's no description i could give it that would do it justice. unless you're the type of person who kicks puppies and beats children, i don't think there is any possible way to sit through it without a smile on your face and a couple (or hundreds) of tears in your eyes.

really, such a special, special film.

immediately after that, i joined the four-pack at upstairs 2 where we celebrated my sister-in-law getting a movie role she's been lusting after, and in general, we toasted the End of the Strike, which means they can all GET BACK TO WORK.


in other news... i'm wearing BRIGHT PINK and REGULAR PINK today just because, no reason.

ps. happy valentine's day!