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me, voyeuristic?

why, i never....

ok,so. my newest guilty pleasure is Big Brother 8. i guess i got hooked last summer when Charlesworth lived with us for the summer and opened up my world to voyeurism at its worst/finest when he force fed me the All Star version.

anyway! i started watching the regular airings on CBS, and then started watching the "After Dark" feeds on Showtime from 9p-12a (we get the east coast feed, b*tches!). As such, I've now become a whole new level of involved/addicted than i ever thought possible. In fact, i suspect they must have laced the latter version of the show with some sort of unseen visual crack because my husband has actually taken the remote control and hit "select" on the After Dark airings all by himself.

i mean, like whoa.

anyway, just a few initial items to ponder if you're one of those people who is also unashamedly addicted.

  • is jessica REALLY that vapid, or is it just a "strategy?"

  • does evil dick really exist, or is he just a figment of danielle's worst nightmare?

  • could joe BE any more annoying?

  • is kail totally brilliant, or just super lucky?

  • jessica's just maybe half-retarded, right?

  • is jen for real? for really real? holy wow.
  • do you think that kail should have NOT nominated for amber because of the "mom-bond?"

  • or is that totally as retarded as it sounds?

  • do we, america, love eric AKA "america's player" as much as CBS wants us to think we do?

  • how awesome is MN Nick's accent? (ps. not as awesome as mine)

there's more highly highly important ponder-worthy thoughts rattling around my brain-cage, but let's just start there, shall we?

3 comments: said...

Who needs drugs when BB crack is available for free!

Ms. Rubiquity, I'm tellin' you, if you start watchin' BB UK and BB AU you'll definitely need an intervention... LOL!

hotpants said...

I have been obsessed with this show since Season 2. I always wonder each year if they can keep it up & they haven't failed me yet.

Jen seriously needs to go home.
I love the whole 'America's Player' idea, but I think it will backfire long before it should.
And, Amber's thinking about not voting out another mom is dumb.

s.knight said...

i cant tell you how excited i am that this show is back on...

how can you not love a show that makes people seem untrustworthy just by talking to their own father!