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foam rolling.

i spent a good portion of yesterday in anxious anticipation of waking up at 6a today to go for my training run. see, i knew that i had fabulous something something going on tonight, and tuesday is a training day, which by my math 1+1 = means a sistah has gotsta get her ass out of bed early and log the good miles, goddamnit.

so i did. i woked up, jumped outta bed directly INTO my shoes, sleek black shorts & tank and was two blocks away before i even know'd i had woked up. and! green day was on the mutha effing iPod. ya heard that? punk rock for breakfast, b*tches.

ok i will stop talking like that.

anyway, it was just a four-mile loop, and it was actually quite nice out, so it was no thang, no thang. no thang but a chicken WANG.

additionally, i got a foam roller in the mail yesterday and spent a good portion of last night rolling out the tight areas in my IT bands, calves and lower back. f*cking love my foam roller. so much? i'm going to sleep with it tonight. maybe.


ps. self myofascial release SOUNDS dirty, but it isn't. MFR deets

so, obviously, my run today was magical. just ... magical.

i haven't actually run outside in quite some time (treadmill, much?) and all i kept thinking was, hey this is pretty neat, i should do THIS more often.

like, a duh.

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Pretty Lush said...

I had some old skool metal for breakfast this morning. Metallica crunchies.