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kibbles n bits.

i watched big brother: after dark on showtime for more than four solid hours* yesterday. so fascinating! wow. seriously.

accidentally, this included seeing zach streak naked into the pool.

I won't ever get those four hours back, nor will i ever be able to erase the unsavory image of zach's kibbles n bits that has now been burned into my brain.


however! this will not stop me from continuing my unhealthy and probably brain-damaging practice of being somewhat obsessed with the live camera feed.

as you were.

*during this time i also cleaned out my closet and accumulated two garbage bags of stuff to throw away and/or give to goodwill, so all was not completely lost.

**check out the profiles of most of the houseguests on myspace here (scroll down to the top 10 friends). um, nick's is particularly enlightening.

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Liana said...

just wanted to say hello! Its been a while!!!!!!!!!!!