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i could eat horse.

ruby: ill tell you what
ruby: i could eat horse

tenna: I am STARVING too and I ate breakfast and a snack
tenna: did you work out this morning?

ruby: yes i ran 4 miles
ruby: and it was painful
ruby: because i had too much wine last night

tenna: that's probably why
tenna: HAHAHA
tenna: do you want a granola bar?

ruby: no im hungry for horse, like i said

tenna: like specifically for horse?

ruby: yes. preferably horse breast
ruby: white meat

tenna: with a nice gravy?

ruby: that's sick
ruby: but yes

tenna: eww, ok I am dry heaving over here!


The Angry Georgian said...

Horse isn't that bad actually. Probably too much FYI for you, but whatever. :)

Kitty said...

This is great info to know.