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free bird.

so, i didn't go to jail yesterday following my traffic court appearance at the Metropolitan Court House, despite a few of my jokester co-workers tried to convince me to wear an orange jumpsuit to my arraignment to "make things easier."

NAY! although my multiple violations included:

  • a burnt-out headlight
  • an improperly displayed license plate
  • a little "failure to appear" at my last court date (uh, oops?)
  • a potential penalty of nearly $400 for the above-mentioned item

i only had to show proof of correction and pay a $10 processing fee and i was on my merry little way. it loved it when the cashier handed me my receipt and said, "YOUR CASE IS NOW CLOSED."

it feels good to be free.

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Pretty Lush said...

Blek, done spent enough time in the courthouse when my boyfriend was going through some legal issues. They're as depressing as the damned DMV.