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les deux me.

we celebrated eddie's birthday in true hollywood fashion last night. this, after he spent friday night in vegas and had "such a crazy time" that his friend visiting from seattle decided he couldn't handle another night of such debauch and headed back home early saturday morning.


so, first about 16 of us gathered at the magic castle where one of eddie's friends was performing. we saw some magic, listened to invisible irma play the piano, engaged in some imbibing and generally had a great time. the magic castle's dress code is pretty strict, so everyone came dressed to kill, and it was a hot looking crowd if i do say so myself. and i do.

then we left around 10:30 and headed to les deux. eddie had set up bottle service, but jessica biel outbid him and b*tch stole our tables. ah well. we preferred to stand in the courtyard, anyway, since that's where shizz was going down.

my drink of choice started out being red bull/vanilla vodka but i quickly switched to chardonnay when i saw how much they poured in each glass (um, a lot)

there was a ruckus later on in the night when britney and her entourage entered (pictured here) but i guess i was too busy, uh, with my head up my arse to notice.

it was drink drink drink and then dance dance dance and before i knew it, it was 3am and eddie was like LET'S EAT! or maybe it was me that said it. i just remember thinking, mmm food.

after that we hit up la cantina where i devoured a ceviche salad and mass quantities of chips & salsa, and then, apparently smuggled three bottles of hot sauce out of there in my purse for use at a later time. not sure.

anyway, it was totally hollywood fun and i'm quite honestly glad eddie only celebrates his birthday once a year cuz this morning i was in a world of hurt when i did my training run. like whoa.


Pretty Lush said...

Biel's got a lot of nerve.

s.knight said...

biel me silly