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in some ways, the days are dragging on and taking forever. but most of the time i'm grasping at minutes, hours, wishing for

today was pretty awesome, if you ignore clients that make your soul cry and other such things. we had our general company party today - and it was this: a screening of "the king's speech" followed by a 120-minute reception wherein WII GAMES WOULD BE PLAYED and CONTESTS WOULD BE EXECUTED and PEOPLE WOULD WIN PRIZES. and such. i skipped the movie part of the shindig and just went straight to the bar and made my team drink with me. and it was good. then i convinced myself and others to participate in the wii dance contest and then i completely SCHOOLED everyone with my dance skillz. seriously, i won the $100 first place prize! WHAT!? yes. i may have told you i had awesome dance skills before, but now?
$100 solidifies it.

i was a bit energized at precisley 6:29pm when the company party promptly ended. so i drove myself home and parked myself at the bar at arashi and proceeded to stuff my face full of AWESOME DELICIOUSNESS. and it was good. then i turned into a pumpkin, headed home, let the dogs out and found myself in my pajamas talking on the phone to the lovely aaron.

anyway, where was i? so i guess being this busy is definitely a blessing. but i still want more time. to clean, to pick out christmas gifts, to wrap and package the ones i have, to ship, to respond to emails, to respond to snail mail, to decorate the house, to check in with people i'm thinking about via phone or in person vs. email or facebook, to give the dirty dog a bath, to organize my closet, to figure out an outfit for my girl date tomorrow, to see BLACK SWAN already, before everyone f*cking ruins it for me, to clean out my dvr which is loaded with rotten nasty reality teevee shows, to finish all those random work requests that aren't urgent NOW but will be, to write my self evaluation, to edit it, to make it sexy, to go to the gym and have a meaningful workout, to get a facial, to buy new underpants, to buy new brassieres, to replace the bottle of wine i stole from our wine stash, to plan our 11-year anniversary trip, to balance my life, to figure out what i am doing to figure out what it all means to drink from the fountain of youth and to find the
f*cking holy grail.

but for now.

i will just put out THE FIRES because FIRES DEMAND attention but regular lifestuff. just keeps on waiting for me to happen to it.

and so we go.

i was told this purse was fierce tonight
mu wants to lick you

me, airbrushed, because i look better this way

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