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i'm really thankful for my arms.

sometimes i think they are too fat, sometimes i think they aren't strong enough (pushups ? pullups ? hellloo!?) and sometimes i just plain think they need to see the sun a bit more. but never have i been so grateful, so happy to have these arms. and the hands attached to them. and all those awesome fingers.

i saw 127 Hours tonight and thought it would be painful, yes. i also thought it would be intriguing and inspiring. and yes and yes. but i don't think i expected it to MOVE me so much. i definitely was in the perfect frame of mind to see a movie like that tonight. strangely, when i got home, the tv was on (that wasn't the strange part, i left it on for the puppies because i felt guilty for leaving them tonight). the weird part was that LENO was on (we never watch LENO) and the guy the movie is based on (aron ralston) was his guest, and he was just sitting down for his interview when i walked in the door.

what the cuss!

it was cool to hear his version of what i just saw. REALLY cool, actually.

anyway, you may have heard that almost two weeks ago when we first arrived in minneapolis, my mom had broken her hand. and she is coping with doing everything one-handed, but only temporarily. and to see her struggle, to watch her frustration with having to ask for help with totally mundane tasks (tying her shoe! chopping celery! etc.) was such an eye opener. WOW we use our hands for damn lot of things, and our arms are pretty awesome.

so if you haven't thanked your arms, hands and fingers yet today, why don't you go ahead and do that. give yourself a hug with those bad boys. because arms are awesome.

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