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this is war

i had a really lovely night, it was really heartwarming, but also, sad. a friend of mine recently discovered she has to deal with something that profoundly (negatively) affects her life and we had a really amazing heart to heart about it tonight and i'm so super sad for what she's going through, but equally inspired by how she is dealing with it. we found ourselves literally crying in our wine, which is 100% not our normal M.O.

ah. man.

so many things lately have me feeling so f*Cking grateful for everything i have. my husband, my friends, my family, my job, my LIFE. i'm so grateful for my ARMs, fingers, legs, feet, etc. you get the picture.

i'm lucky, i'm healthy and i'm so blessed. and i would be a giant a**hole if i didn't say THANK YOU universe!! for everything.

so thanks.

and btw, i heart YOU if you are reading this. thank YOU.

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