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i knew i wouldn't like kansas

dear marriott of overland park, kansas:

i really, really wanted to like you. i had this VERY VERY awesome plan, see. and here it was. I WANT TO EMPHASIS THE PAST TENSE OF THIS PLAN. i was to arrive tonight (as i did). i had a plan of room service and a glass of vino. then! i would wake up whenever the hell i felt like it, go for a run, then lounge by the pool in 93-degree heat until 11am CST which would translate to 9am PST. that would have been awesome, right? then i would have showered, done some work and then gone around the corner to facilitate focus groups. i guess that's why i'm here, anyway.


when i checked in, your front desk person had some bad news! no water in the WHOLE ENTIRE HOTEL after 9a tomorrow because a water main or somesuch thing burst. and it won't be back on for ohhhh 4-5 HOURS. and he said, "will it be a problem for you to complete your showering, etc. by that time?" YES IT WILL BE A PROBLEM BECAUSE NOW I HAVE TO BE DONE SHOWERING BY 9AM. this means NO POOL TIME, MUTHA EFFERS! @$*&^!$!&($^(.


i checked into my room and it smells funny. like sweat socks. oh and also? everything is under construction. like the whole facade of the hotel (so i drove by it like, oh three times trying to find it) and the whole parking lot.

eff you, marriott of overland park, kansas. eff you!

so, anyway. the night isn't a total loss. your "pitchers" sports bar downstairs makes some REALLY delicious chicken wings. and you have a decent wine selection. also, i just finished watching the season premiere of BIG BROTHER 10 on and that makes me happy. so again, all is not lost.

so i hate you, still. but maybe we can find a way to be friends.

the girl who likes chicken wings and sauvingnon blanc and really, really wanted some pool time in the 93-degree heat tomorrow. but whatever. i guess i will just WORK all day long.


Anonymous said...

Ouch. That bites.

mnbird said...

Your work sent you to Kansas in July? ick. said...

Yay for Big Brother and chicken wings!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you shouldn't have stayed in a crappy hotel right off the highway. Seriously, there are way better places in Kansas City to stay, with way more to do in the surrounding area.

ruby said...

yes, maybe the folks I was doing business with could have NOT recommended this place and maybe they could NOT have been located in overland park and then probably everything would have been better. but it wasn't to be so.

Anonymous said...

Overland Park is pretty nice. That's just a particularly miserable stretch of road.

ruby said...

I hear downtown is the place to be. next time? I'll stay there :) but I have to say, the chicken wings were alll good. breakfast and dinner both days I was there....