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Shakey and The Bandit

I don't know. It's been a wild, weird week. I don't feel good AT ALL today. I'm guessing the sad excuse for "spicy chicken wings" and the MOJO potatoes I ate at SHAKEY'S PIZZA last night didn't help much. Nor did the "salad bar" I sampled. No, none of that made me feel "good." But moreso, I'm thinking four glasses of cheap wine are actually more of a culprit than anything else.


It was a surprise party for my friend Johnny. They mispelled his name on the sign outside the restaurant so it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY JHONNY. How hard can it be, you know? But obviously we weren't dealing with spelling bee champions at this joint.


Murder, earthquakes and Shakey's aside, today is actually FRIDAY for me and we are renting a house in palm springs for the weekend starting: tomorrow.

I'm 18 different varieties of excited.

Saltwater pool in the hot heat of the desert.... TAKE ME AWAAAAAYYYYY.

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