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just got ROCKED a 5.8 quake!. my office is on the 13th floor (right? how awesome) so it felt pretty damn intense.

whoa, dude.

In other news,a woman got stabbed to death across the street from my gym last night while I was zenning out in yoga class. I exited the gym to see a ton of cop cars and tons of people milling outside the parking structure. I thought, huh, now that's odd. Later, on the news, I saw why.


Let's just say my nerves are a little shot at the moment.

Just a little.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I have friends who live in Ornage County. The texts I received said "Earthquake! WHEEEE!" I personally prefer natural disasters that give a little warning. I live in Florida where hurricanes give you a few days to get out of town if need be.

As for the stabbing, I had one of those happen in my quiet little apartment complex about a year ago. Scared the bejeezus outta me. I never heard a thing. Just went to leave for work in the morning to find a whole area crisscrossed with police tape. It was creepy. Especially when I found out it happened right outside the apartment that was back-to-back with the one I lived in when I first moved into the complex.

Anonymous said...

That's um...kinda scary. I think I would have stayed there to see what was up though.
I was in an earthquake once while visiting my aunt's house in Walnut Creek years and years ago.

T said...

Fingers crossed today we can make it through work with 1. A Murder or 2. A Natural Disaster.

"Everyone remain calm. Do not panic"

Hahaha, I love you, Facility