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big brothering.

i have to preserve my "initial" thoughts on the houseguests for a quick moment because, as always, these will probably change 1,000,000 times before the end of the season. why? because big brother is a manipulative mutha effer, that's why.

favoriteses so far:
  1. steven the gay cowboy: giddy up
  2. suprisingly not a bimbo keesha: has a little something going on
  3. old man jerry: why not
  4. asian sensation angie: self-proclaimed, asian sensation, mindya
  5. sinister catholic school teacher dan: hee
  6. memphis: has some depth to uncover, potentially

kinda like meh:

  1. michelle eh meh
  2. ollie kind of annoying, but kind of has a little game going on

totally on the hate train:

  1. jessie "the body": i think he's actually playing a decent game, i just CANNOT stand him
  2. april: just, ew
  3. libra: shut up already
  4. renny: just bleh

missing already:

  1. "i wanna be like will" brian - blew his wad too early, but showed some promise

watch this space. i guarantee my opinions will shift dramatically...



Anonymous said...

Great. Now I have to watch the show just to know what you're talking about.

hotpants4979 said...

I agree with everything you said. I'm so glad this season doesn't suck.

PS - There's video of Ollie & April doing it on Dlisted. His parents will be so proud.