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on friday night, approximately 42 days after receiving the little gem for my birthday, we FINALLY hooked up the mutha effin wii and! wii fit!! and went to TOWN on that bad boy.

oh em gee, i'm in love.

i've already, like, played with the wii and the wii fit at various other people's houses, but there's something pretty awesome about creating your mii and having the luxury of checking in on it every day. hey there, little mii, are you getting any less fat? i heart you little mii!!!

then, on saturday i had my first (real life) training session at my new gym. the first session is free so they can make you feel fat and make you feel like you HAVE to buy 8 million of their proprietary supplements and buy at least 100 hundred training sessions so you can go 3x per week so you can ACHEIVE YOUR GOALS! BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS IF YOU HAVE A GOAL, you are 1000% more likely to get your fat arse in shape!

and guess what? i was sold! however, i haven't actually signed up yet because i'm, like, negotiating.

anyway, during my first session Gerald asked me how long it had been since i had consumed foodstuffs. this was at 10a on saturday morning. i pondered... um... 7:30p last night? so he refused to do a "real" workout because you need to have food in your belly at least 1.5 -2 hours prior to working out and i was
a) a little hungover due to some wii sessions that lasted until 1a enhanced by wine and
b) my stomach was a little bit growling right there in his office, like, pretty loudly

however! he still weighed me and let me test my body fat (so nice of him!) but before that he was like, let me guess! your body fat is probably in the teens. and i laffed pretty hard, because, yeah, NO.

so then when it came back as definitely NOT in the teens, he was like ruh roh. so it turns out that my whole starving-myself-before-working-out scheme has actually burned more MUSCLE than FAT and so therefore my body fat/muscle ratio is all kitty wompus.

you heard me.

so my BMI (height/weight ratio) is healthy, but my body fat % leaves much to be desired. MUCH.


but i knew there was a reason i felt uncomfies in my skin. and now i know. and now i know how to fix it!

so he still gave me a "fitness assessement" and let me know that he was "going easy on me" due to the whole "no food in da belly" sitch. but yeah, that was a hard workout even if he was going "easy" on me. and then he offered a free session the next day so he could show me what it would really be like.

cut to the next day where i died whilst getting trained.

it actually hurts to do most everything today. good lord.

but i think i'm ready? to be trained? YEAH I AM READY!

between the wii mii telling me my fit age is 10 years older than my actual age and then my gold's trainer saying my muscles were in some dire shape (he actually used the term muscle atrophy... )

i think, it's time for me to get back to being mii. (i know! huge nerd!)

it's time to get myself in downtown-rooftop pool & jacuzzi- bikini shape, my friends.

and it's ON!


Anonymous said...

Rock it out, babe!
BMI don't mean shit. The BF percentage is all that matters.
I loves my wii too, but for the driving games! :)

rockinraquel said...

1000%?? that's 900% more than 100%. what?
you're NUTS~~