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when i walked out of work at 6:27pm tonight i was in a state of reflux.  maybe i'm excited that i'm not going to have to work in an office and show up at a pre-determined time, but MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, i will be working for the next few days.  like a damn dog.

so yes, i'm on vacation.

but this is SO NOT a vacation.

yes! it's exciting!  YES!   but, also, the anxiety dreams this week have been k-i-l-l-i-n-g me softly.  mostly, i was worried about the damn glassware.   all the fancy waterford crystal wine glasses (that PS we never use, but maaaybeeee someday!) and the memories of all the wineries that we visited on our honeymoon and all 7 martini glasses that will FOR SURE come in handy when i go through another "martini" phase.

anyway, i was having anxiety dreams that i think i can tie back to my fear of breaking the glasses.  even though, hi, we never use them, really.  because we are high-class trash and we drink our wine out of low ball glasses, kids.   don't be jellis.

anyhoo, so yesterday WE GOT OUR KEYS!  TO OUR NEW HOME!   i got home from werk and aaron and i decided to move some stuff in, like, offically.  not a lot, because the painters were coming today (and by were i mean, they did, but my tenses are all wonky now).  and so!  we moved in (3) boxes of breakable glasswares and (2) boxes of expensive wines.  and then!  we decided to wash them and dry them and put them away.

BUT before i really even got into it, i promptly DROPPED one martini glass for no apparent reason.   i guess?  just to get it out of the way.   anxiety = gone.

OH!! most importante!   i had this mini-fantasy that aaron would carry me over the threshold since, this is our first house and all.  and as well were walking towards the door, i said something to the effect of - so did you want to carry me over the threshold?  and he was like omg, how did you know?   and i thought it was supah cute because, like a duh, that is just what you do when you have a new home, right?   but hi, it's been 8 years since we did the whole marriage thing.. so is it too late?  heck no.

and, fyi, he did carry me over the threshold of our apartment waaaay back when.

BUT.   this. was. awesome.  

a memory i must crystallize.   :: commencing crystalization ::

aaaaaand, well, scene.

housewarming flowers from good friends (aaron & kelly) in Minne:

aaron chillin in the window:

the view from upstairs:


The Angry Georgian said...

Manly man likes to get a little lovey dovey now and then, huh? You're so petite, did he carry you in one hand? :p
I still love your house. I'm jealous!
Maybe one day I'll be able to afford a vacation condo.

Bird said...

Congrats on the new place and it looks nice.