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So the last few days of my life have been some of the most awesome! And also! The hardest EVER!
Moving is a bitch, ya’ll. But you already knew that.
and so.

friday i spent most of the day at our old place, cleaning out what I could whilst the movers moved stuff. they arrived and 12:15 and we were headed to our first drop-off destination by 3:15. after that, we were headed to the new place where aaron had been spending the day with the cool dudes who were installing our surround sound, 52" TV, wii, PS3 & etc. only! the cable guy had come and wasn't able to reach our cable box (?!??) and so he had to reschedule for the next day. this will become important later.

so the movers did their thing and by 6:30p or so, all of our lovely stuff was now populating the new digs. AND IT LOOKED GRRROOOOD. we were totally excited. we had them place the majority of the boxes in the front, in aaron's "man cave" which left the main kitchen and living room area pretty much void of boxes, which was awesome. we arranged various items on the new entertainment center and removed all the clutter from the kitchen island and around 8p, jason and kadee arrived with FOOD! and WINE! yay! we toasted the new place, nommed on some noms and tried desperately to maintain our energy level to hold a conversation for the duration of their visit.

10p rolled around and they bid their adieus as we collapsed into the couch and listened to the subdued noises of the bustling city right outside our window. at that point, we decided to walk the dogs to the nearby ralph's and grab some provisions. two blocks later, we were there. We met so many frenchie admirers along the way! You would think these people had never seen such precious creatures! And lo and behold, at 10-something on a Friday night the Ralph’s Fresh Fare Market was BUMPIN’. So many people, super long lines. It all made me feel SO MUCH like I was in da NYC. Because that’s really all I can relate to on a downtown living level. I’ve never actually lived in, like, a real city before. Los Angeles, as a rule, is not a city. But downtown LA? Well, it’s trying it’s heart out to be one.

The next day I had to go back to the old place and clean all the damn day long. IT SUCKED with the suckage of 10 million babies sucking on pacifiers. SUPER SUCK! And, in the meanwhile, aaron “got” to wait for the cable guy back at the new ranch. SO LUCKY, that devil. After about 7 hours of pure hell and suckage, I finally threw in the towel and cried mercy. And then I filled up my car with about 1/3 of what was left to bring back, and matter of factly declared! “I’m D.O.N.E!”

To be continued…

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