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had sort of kind of wanted to sleep in today, but the alarm clock did it's business at 8:00am and once that happened, as it turns out, there was going to be no more snoozing today. not today.

weird dreams are populating my brains lately. i wake up in the middle of the night sort of ready to take some sort of action as dictated in the dreams, only to realize the only action i need to take is to back to god damn sleep, already.

yesterday when we went to the gym, i started doing the dramatic exit dance and turned to aaron and quipped, "this will be my last saturday at this gym." which in fact, it may or may not be as we may or may not actually be staying in our current place on friday night. but in fact, this will INDEED be my last sunday at the gym. and then when/if i go any days this week, it will be the last monday, the last tuesday and so on. i know, it's very dramatic.

i am going to miss all the gym characters and the ambience that i've grown to love. i'm going to miss being able to say that McDreamy AND carrot top work out at my gym. i'm also going to miss 60-year old detective mike who's run 13 marathons giving aaron and i marriage tips that always included aaron putting me on a pedestal. that is one wise old man, that mike. i'm even going to miss anorexic-looking erin who's been kicking my arse in sculpt class for the past few weeks ever since she took over the saturday morning class.

but a new gym is on the horizon. this one actually has allll the amenities that a true gym rat requires: pool, steam, sauna, jacuzzi, salsa classes, aqua aerobics, pilates, hip hop and dance classes and so on and so on. it's also conveniently located at my transfer stop on my metro ride to and from work, so my excuse jar is going to be coming up pretty: EMPTY. i will be at the gym more often, oh yes, i will.

as the memories and experiences of living in this area continue to rise and bubble over in the brains, i am starting to anticipate all the new ones that will be coming in soon. first metro ride to the airport! first metro ride to the beach! first winebar experience downtown! first chicken wing experience downtown! and so on.

our first night in our new place is less than a week away.


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The Angry Georgian said...

Kind of exciting to think about leaving, isn't it?
When my new gym opens up around the corner from the house I won't be going to the one by work anymore. No more of the same people.
Kinda weird to think about.