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and then!

well! when we last left off i had THOUGHT so hard that i was d.o.n.e. our friends from MN called me as i was en route to the new place with the stuff from the old place and i was all like, "yeah dudes, imma jump in the shower and then i think it's bidness time circa da 8-spot!" and i came home and the cable guy was still hooking stuff up (note: this was 5p and he had been scheduled to appear at 12p... YEARGH!) and then i promptly sent aaron to finish up at the old place, because, remember, i was DUNZO.

but about a half hour later, i got a call and it was him saying "sorrry honeyyyy, one more load!!" and NOOOOOOO, but yes.

and then i was realizing i had had nothing to eat all the damn day long! and it was now starting to verge on 6p! and soon it would be 7p! and then i would still need to shower and was there anyway i would be showered, dressed, glossed and heeled by 8p? highly.doubtful.

ah well.

hither and yon, lickety split.

but when i returned i realized that i had no idea how to unlock my new door with my new key. call it mover's fatigue, call it sheer lack of coordination. all i knew is that i was locked out, it was 7:55pm and my friends were scheduled to arrive a 8p. HARUMPH.

within nanoseconds, magically, aaron appeared, unlocked the door, i showered, heeled, glossed, sparkly eyeshadowed, and waited downstairs while aaron finished his showering ritual upstairs.

somehow, it all worked out.

the rest of the weekend went like this:

  • dinner, bottles of wine and shmoozing with the owner of the corkbar
  • yoga at our *new* gym down the way
  • chicken boobs from ralphs fresh fare
  • rooftop BBQ at liana & tal's with our MN friends
  • thai food delivery
  • pass out at 10p on the couch
  • puddle of drool

then monday morning i took the METRO to werk. !! !!

and i took it again today.

both days i got off the train and aaron & the dogs were waiting for me. because, hallelujah, we live 1/2 a black from the metro stop.


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The Angry Georgian said...

Way to save money on the gas! Might even get to ditch one of the cars now.
When I moved into my house, I tried for fifteen minutes to open the door with the key to my dad's house. Glad no one was around to witness that one.