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dear The IRS,

I want to thank you for what looks to be my Biggest Refund Ever. yes, this is all contingent on actually closing a condo deal in the next.... ohhhh... 8 weeks... BUT! i am cautiously optimistic that this will happen and so therefore you and i will have some celebratin' to do. first order of business: paying you back for that little, um, 2007 tax "error." whoopsadaisy!


dear my sweet Qualified Performance Artist / husband,

i want to thank YOU for literally putting everything you do into your craft. it's amazing what a Qualified Performance Artist can legitimately write off. and by amazing, i mean AWESOME TOWN! OHHHHH AWESOME TOWN!! keep up the good work!


dear our realtor,

make it happen. oh please, make it happen. use the force, young jedi.


dear eyeballs,

i know we are spending too much time in front of computers staring at numbers and crunching and recrunching all of our options. BUT. this does not mean you can just dry out on me. hydrate yourselves, i'm all out of eyedrops, damnit.


dear massage therapist,

i miss you, long time. see you saturday!


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