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we're going into escrow, whoa

i'm so excited i can barely stand myself!

i'm writing the biggest check of my life tomorrow.

there's a small chance our FHA loan won't approve our HOA, which would nullify the deal.

but if it works, we are about to be homeowners.

well, downtown condo loft owners, anyway.

F*CKIN !(#^!)*(^)!^!^()!^*()#!^ OMG.

Pictures to come...


rockinraquel said...

i'm calling you right now.

Anonymous said...

I tagged ye.
Go. Do.

Charlie Liakos said...

get 'er dun

Charlie Liakos said...

r? her? er?

either way, do it

T said...

Congrats to the both you...tear...all grown up! It was great to see you for a brief moment yesterday, as well! :)