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it's an incredible process.

you fall in love,you make an offer, you wait, you hear back that your offer wasn't good enough, you crunch numbers, you make a new offer, you wait, you hear back that it still isn't good enough, your heart sags, you crunch more numbers, you push the limits of your finances, you try to get creative, you try to imagine yourself in the new space, you try NOT to imagine yourself in the new space, you google the surrounding neighborhood and fantasize about your new life in it, you crunch numbers, you wait, you almost cry, you squeal with delight, you pass out every night this week exhausted but excited.

you start over again in the morning.

and so it goes.

in other news.
  • aaron will be making a cameo on "without a trace" on tuesday, 2/10 on CBS at 10p EST
  • work is insane. i'm full of adrenaline from the aforementioned process, but when you couple it with the adrenaline from work-related items and the insane pressure to perform in these economic conditions. welp. the mind races
  • i'm eating healthier and i've decreased my wine consumption by 57%
  • i really like the combination of tights, tall boots and dresses at the moment. presently i have about 6 different combinations of this one outfit.
  • my hair is finally growing out and the color is fading. normally this might sound like a bad combination, but i actually had (2) good hair days this week
  • aaron and i are in a crazy zone together. as crazy as we both are, we are almost exactly on the same page on the most important fundamental life issues
  • it's totally raining in LA today. I love it so.


The Angry Georgian said...

How do you come by 57%? :)
That outfit sounds fantastical. Normal beings can't pull off such a look. But then again, you're not a normal being.
I've got my fingers crossed on the house thing. Sending you good vibes.

c-kat said...

You found a place already! Wow! You're a fast house shopper! Best of luck with it! How much did your original wish list change during the process?

rockinraquel said...

go ruth! go aaron! tv episodes, home buying, crazy times at work! at least you have fun with it! LOVE YOU!!