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double double ya'll

+ i just consumed a vanilla latte to which i added vanilla creamer and then i added an extra shot of espresso. vanilla vanilla espresso espresso = %$#&^@$&*(@^(! and i WONDER why mah pants is always tight. hmmmm. mysterious.

+ lately aaron and i have endless conversations about finances, boxes, selling stuff, moving, paining, decorating, FHAs, HOAs, the metro, aaaaand, ohhh yessss... OUR PENDING NEW HOME. it's all very adult, the fodder of conversation that used to put me to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. BUT NOW!? so different. so very, very different.

+i'm sort of "not running" right now. it seems that i'm going to yoga, yoga booty ballet, power sculpt class and so on... instead. i asked for new running shoes (for my *AHEM* upcoming birthday). because i've blasted through two pairs in the last 4 months. I'M A RUNNING FOOL, well, normally.

so maybe i'll be back on the treadmill soon. but hey. maybe not. don't judge.

if i'd rather shake my big old booty, i'm fittin to shake that thang.

ya hearrrrrd.

+i am SO AFFECTED by the subway $5 dollah commercials. i have dreams about footlongs and crave them all day long. WTF. WTF, i say. last night i gave in to my cravings and got the following delicious creation for dinner:

1. wheat honey oat bread
2. chicken breast
3. lettuce
4. pickles, lots of
5. cucumbers
6. yellow peppers
7. deli mustard
8. cilantro

heavenly. then! when i got home, i slathered on some veganaise.


seriously, my mouth is WATERING RIGHT NOW thinking about those pickles, peppers and mustard.

+mostly, aaron and i have been eating thai, indian and chinese food as of late. we're so asian dude.

what's happening in yo neck o the woods?


rockinraquel said...

YUM! That sounds delish!

Pretty Lush said...

Your double double sounds effin' delicious except that it would send me on a total rampage.