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i weighed in yesterday at a somewhat satisfactory weight so immediately i knew: it was going to be a good day. then off to the gym to work on my fitness and then it was MISSION: complete our costumes. we ventured into santee alley for the first time ever, which is very surprising because we live like 6 blocks away from it and it's like FASHION FEVER everywhere and anyway, it was a little overwhelming. but after about an hour, we left with the following items: a mustard-colored ascot, long white gloves, fake pearls, a cute little red dress and a tiny revolver-shaped lighter. we spent less than $40 so we felt pretty awesome about the whole excursion.

then we hit up wokcano where aaron ordered three separate items off the menu and proceeded to eat himself into a happy stupor. his items were: spicy tuna tornado (hold the mayo), sashimi & seaweed salad and the sashimi sampler. i had the sashimi sampler and the salmon sashimi with ponzu and one giant glass of sauvignon blanc. NOM. aaron said it was the happiest he's been in quite some time, food-wise. it was highly exciting.

then we were high-steppin it home to get ready for the evening and i donned the look of miss scarlet whilst aaron transformed himself into colonel mustard. liana and tal opted out of the group costume thing, so cosette filled in as mrs. white, the french maid and camus put on a top hat and a bowtie to do his best professor plum.

i would have to call the overall effort a "success." you'll notice, please the mini revolver in aaron's hand and i'm sporting a candlestick. i think mrs white did it though, with the lead pipe in the study... you heard it here first.

the party at corkbar was WAY TOO MUCH fun, for sure. today i was feeling none too good as i remembered the deadly combination of wine, champagne and jello shots? that i did? but i definitely powered through a 5-mile run on the treadmill while i watched the NYC marathon and remembered that I DID THAT 2 years ago. i can't even IMAGINE doing it again, but so glad i did it back then when i was young and crazy and had no idea how ridiculously hard it would be to run for 4+ hours. GAH.

then we donned the lucky vikings jerseys and headed over to watch the game with jason and, even though i almost couldn't handle the up & downs of the game, we soldiered on to VICTORY AT LAMBEAU FIELD thusly making this the BEST HALLOWEEN WEEKEND EVER.

ya heard?

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