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it's the time of year where i start wearing more wool and therefore, because we all know i'm super allergic to wool, i am in a funk of stuffy head and runny nose-ness. oh, wool, you so silly. but i can't not wear a cashmere scarf on a day that has a low of 49 and a high of 70, right? i can't avoid throwing it on to warm my neckmeat when it's chilly, but then remove it when i inevitably get too hot. this time of year is so confusing for my parts.

yesterday was one of those kind of long drawn out days where i kept looking at the clock and kept thinking, really? only that time? but the reality is that when i was heading out, i was heading to the gym, so i was like, uhh, 6p don't come TOO fast. you know? but then when i was finally doing my sprint workout on the treadmill surrounded by all the gym rats and meatheads, i was like, OK, life is good. because it was just going to be a matter of time before i could go home and stuff my face with mini m&ms. and that i did.

the problem with this time of year is also the best part about this time of year; way too much awesome TV to watch. especially wed & thursday nights. my DVR dies a little each week at this time because we are SO DEMANDING. i think we record seven shows on thursday nights? some of which are doubled and tripled up so i have to tape them on the upstairs tv so that the main tv doesn't explode. super nuts, i tell you. at some point i think shows will HAVE to start dropping off, but since you asked, here are all the programs currently making the cut (in order of day of week)

amazing race, bored to death, dexter
heroes, gossip girl
biggest loser, so you think you can dance
modern family, cougar town, glee, so you think you can dance, america's next top model, top chef
survivor, flash forward, office, 30 rock, project runway, private practice, vampire diaries, fringe
the soup

also, every weeknight: daily show, letterman, conan, jimmy fallon

don't even get me started on the crap i watch while i'm on the treadmill. soul-sucking stuff, is what it is (*cough* the hills *cough* road rules real world challenge *cough* kardashians *cough* *cough* whatever real housewives is on *cough*)

it seems like a lot, yeah? i feel like i might even be missing some. still, i always like to say: IT IS MY JOB to know what's on TV. and actually, this is true.

i'm WAY too excited for the premiere of V on 11/3. i used to LOVE that show when it was on in the middle ages. i hope it holds up. but i guess OH WELL if it doesn't. am i right?

well now that i've thoroughly lost all of you as an audience, i bid you adieu.


so i need some votes on some group / couple costume ideas - you know you want to help.

1. CLUE characters (miss scarlet - me, colonol mustard - aaron, etc etc)
2. GILLIGAN'S ISLAND characters (ginger - me, professor - aaron, etc etc)
3. LES MISERABLES (jean valjean - aaron, eponine - me) we might add "Dead" or "Vampire" to these as well

**i don't want to affect your vote, but i really really really want to be miss scarlet and carry a rope around all night.**



John Pender said...

Miss Scarlet!
And I can't wait for V!!!!

rockinraquel said...

I think you should be Mrs. Peacock. Aaron should be the butler....just kiddin'...go Miss Scarlet!