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it's 4:18pm and i have yet to shower today. but this is a normal monday for me. i wake up two hours earlier than normal and work from home in the comfort of my sweats while i crank out our monday deliverables and by this time of the day i've already worked 9 hours and i'm ready to be done. and done. but yet, i still clickety click away, until the usual 6p end of day time and then i will finally turn my brains off after nearly 11 hours of work.

no big deal right? but, also, it FEELS like i'm cheating somehow because i'm at home, with my dogs, and sometimes i even get some aaron time. i don't hate mondays nearly as much as i should.

moving on.

a new 14-theater mulitplex situation has opened across the street and tonight they are showing a bunch of movies for FREE just because. the options range from district 9 to up to star trek to 500 days of summer. since we missed seeing star trek in the theater this past summer, we picked that one, because it's a) free and b) why not?

so in mere minutes, i will actually BE SHOWERING and getting ready to be seen in public and it's ever so awesome. fancy movie theater ACROSS THE STREET showing FREE MOVIES. i die of excitement.

oh and popcorn and soda are selling for $1, proceeds to benefit inner city arts. top that suckas.

right now, as the sun starts to set and the room starts changing colors through the slightly open blinds, the dogs are by my feet snoring sweetly i'm listening to regina spektor in surround sound and, you know what, i can get lost in eet forever and ever. so much.

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